Mailspect Documentation
Active Directory login for Message Viewer

Starting Message Viewer 3.3.3, Active Directory login can be used for domains managed by Qreview. The steps to enable login are:

1. Login to Qreview (http://host:20000) using user "admin" and password you have set during setup

2. Go to Setup->Domains and use "Add domain" form Domain name: mail domain name
Auth type: Active Directory
Host: ad_hostname
Port number: 389 (default)
Ad admin user: Administrator (can be other account with administrative privileges as well)
AD admin password / Confirm Password: administrative_account_password
LDAP Base DN: cn=Users, dc=domain, dc=local (your AD base dn) |(mail=$USERNAME$)(name=$USERNAME$)(proxyAddresses=smtp:$USERNAME$)(sAMAccountName=$USERNAME$)

NOTE for MS SBS users: LDAP Base DN is usually ou=SBSUsers,ou=Users,ou=MyBusiness,dc=domain,dc=local (replace MyBusiness with your Business Unit name).

3. Hit submit

Now users should be able to login with their AD login name and password.