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Automatic Whitelists

This script, prepared by Yellowcube, the Mailspect Partner in Hungary, will automatically white list contacts you send email. This is a PHP application that reads mppd.conf.xml, our configuration file, and has many of its settings as well. The application works with message tracking, a feature of Mailspect Defense that records detailed SQL logs of each message processed.

Download the file here and unzip in a web directory where Mailspect Defense is installed.


To use it:

  1. Turn on message tracking, use a separate DB for performance reasons
  2. Install PHP5 with MySQLi (PHP's MySQL-addon)
  3. Unpack on the same server as MPP, or where mppd.conf.xml is accessible. Review the config file in the configuration folder
  4. Edit the domains.txt and list all domains where automatic whitelisting should be enabled (these are the local recipient domains, eg. your domains)
  5. Run ./whitelister.php
  6. Cron the script, it can run every 5-10 minutes. It will only process the messages received since the last run. If you run it every 10 minutes, then it's almost certain that outgoing message recipients will be already whitelisted by the time they send a reply.

The whole whitelisting thing works really nicely, and it is a good selling point that we can ensure stakeholders that delivery of all important emails is guaranteed. We provide filtering as a service for some companies now and over 90% of good emails are whitelisted, so false positives can affect only 10%, that makes spam filtering officially 10x more reliable. Anyhow, it is a reassurance.

Best regards, Akos


Hi Team,

The mppwhitelister utility is just finished, which I belive could be a great addition to MPP. It uses the MPP tracking database to build automatic whitelists, automatically learning good senders from outgoing and incoming messages. Please check the readme file for the details.

I believe it can be a great addition to any business-critical installations where no false positives could be lost or quarantined. This assures the administrators that all frequent email contacts are learnt and message delivery is guaranteed in their cases. It can learn and identify 90-95% of all ham without allowing any spam through, which also greatly offloads the content filters. You can fine-tune the way it works and the resources it uses to make sure it works as transparently as possible. For example you can run it at night to process all the tracking logs for the previous day, or run it every hour for just a few minutes.

We’re offering it as a free addition to all our clients, and if you like it, you are very welcome to use and even further develop it. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome, and as my time allows, I’d be glad to support it and answer any questions.


Akos Bodis

Yellow Cube, Hungary