Mailspect Documentation
CommuniGate PRO

NOTE: /usr/local/MPP/scripts/ will update mppd.conf.xml settings and create mppcgpproxy symlinke, but Create Server wide rule and External Helper steps MUST be performed in Adminstration Panel of CGP

  • Insure that there is a symbolic link in /var/CommuniGate to /usr/local/MPP/mppcgpproxy.

If it is not there, manually create it.

ln -s /usr/local/MPP/mppcgpproxy /var/CommuniGate/mppcgpproxy
  • Create a server wide rule:
    • For CGP 4.x: Settings -> Rules -> Create New
    • For CGP 5.0.x: Queue -> Rules -> Create New
    • For CGP 5.1.x: Settings -> Mail -> Rules -> Create new
Data: Message Size 
Operation: greater than 
Parameter: 5
action = ExternalFilter
parameter = mppcgpproxy
  • Create an External Helper
    • Settings -> General -> Helpers
Use Filter = mppcgpproxy
Program Path = mppcgpproxy
Time-out = Disabled
AutoRestart = minute
  • Update the Helper Settings.
  • Set "<email_server>cgp</email_server>" in /usr/local/MPP/mppd.conf.xml.
  • Start / Restart Mailspect


/usr/local/MPP/mppd -r


/usr/local/MPP/mppd -f /usr/local/MPP/mppd.conf.xml