Mailspect Documentation
IMAP import using MPP and Exchange 2007 Journaling rules

Since Message Viewer 3.3.8 is released, it is possible to import messages in Mailspect archive, even scheduled imports, from IMAP account(s) using Exchange 2007 Journaling rules: messages are retrieved from IMAP account(s) and sent as journal reports (Exchange 2007 Journal report MIME format) to mail server with Mailspect MPP / journal policy setup.

Setup MPP to archive Journal Reports

For MPP we should setup a new policy, using the 'mppjournal' recipient as member, using no scanning, and archive enabled.

1) Open web browser and point to MPP GUI (http://host:20001).

2) Navigate to Advanced->Policy engine and create new policy 'ex2k7_journal': enter 'ex2k7_journal' in Policy text box and hit 'Add' Set “Assign Policy based on “ Recipients, change radion button from Default(none) and enter 'mppjournal@host' address in the textbox. Click on Save to save policy membership.

3) Navigate to Services->Archival and make sure Policy is set to ”ex2k7_journal” in the top right corner. In “LOCATION OF EMAIL ARCHIVE” select archival method of choice, recommended 'Archive to MySQL database' and 'Check to store message content to file path bellow' (MySQL DB/tables and privileges for mpp_archive DB should be created before)

In 'ARCHIVE MESSAGE SETTINGS' choose 'Yes' for 'Archive MS Exchange 2007 Journal Reports'. Set Action to 'Discard' and click Save.

4) Navigate to Advanced -> Scanners and for 'Scanners to use' choose 'Select scanners in order of usage ..' and make sure no scanner is selected (only 1-st combo should exist with empty scanner).

5) Save and restart.

Sample XML code for group is:

<group id="ex2k7_journal">

     <members_addresslist type="recipient"></members_addresslist>


How to import messages from remote IMAP account(s)

It is required to create policy/group to archive Exchange 2007 Journal reports first. Then login to Qreview, go to Archive->Import Mail and define the following options:

Import method: import to journal account

SMTP host: MTA where MPP is installed (i.e. localhost)

Port: SMTP port for MTA (default 25)

IMAP host: hostname or IP of IMAP server

Connection: Regular or Secure (TLS)

Import: one user import or multi account import (By default, one would import INBOX and set remote IMAP user/password along with new recipient).

Remove after import: click the checkbox if you want to remove messages from IMAP server after import (disabled by default)

Message date is: allow filtering of messages to be imported by date

If IMAP import should be run frequently, you can schedule the import by defining Minute, Hour, Day of Month, Month, Day of week at Define schedule of import on top of page and then hit SAVE SCHEDULED IMPORT PARAMETERS. Otherwise, use START IMPORT MANUALLY to import messages using previously defined options.