Mailspect Documentation
Install Mailspect Standard on Mac OS X


What is Mailspect Standard package?

Mailspect Standard contains Mailspect MPP with Cloudmark engine as default scanner on Linux and Mailshell as default scanner on Mac OS X.

Is Mailspect Standard different than MPP package?

The difference between the packages are:

1) Mailspect Standard package doesn't contain Sophos engine bundled on Mac OS X or Sophos/Mailshell engines bundled on Linux.

2) Cloudmark engine is default antivirus and antispam scanner on Linux

3) Mailshell engine is default antispam scanner on Mac OS X

How to install Mailspect Standard & Manager?

Please visit and choose Mac OS X Mailspect Standard & Manager Download. You will shortly receive an e-mail with the download location for Mailspect Standard & Mailspect Manager DMG bundle. Download the packages and follow the instructions provided bellow:

1) In Finder use double click on mailspect-bundle.osx.i386.dmg and a new Finder window will open

2) To install use double click in new opened window on mailspect-bundle.osx.i386.mpkg 

How to login into Control Panel?

Please visit http://localhost:20001 and login using "admin" user and "raempp" password.

How to login into Message Viewer?

Please visit http://localhost:20000 and login using "admin" user and "raempp" password.