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The mppbundle.osx.i386.dmg / mppbundle.osx.ppc.dmg for MacOS X on Intel / PowerPC contains both MPP and MPP Manager with prerequisites.

1) After installing MPP Bundle, Safari would be opened with the following URL: http://localhost:20001 where you can login with user "admin" and password "raempp".

NOTE: It is recommended to change password for admin from Setup->Users->Users list.

2) By default, for security reasons, MPP Manager is running on localhost interface. One should update "host" variable in /etc/mppserver/mppserver.conf to allow access from network (restart is required: /Library/StartupItems/mppserver restart).


1) For an easy update of MPP Manager a tool is bundled in the package: /usr/local/mppbase/bin/installmppmanager. It can install locally downloaded mppmanager.tar.gz archive or remote mppmanager.tar.gz archive.

Example update:

/Library/StartupItems/mppserver stop


Additional Guides

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