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Mailspect Zimbra Integration


Mailspect Zimbra Integration Overview

Mailspect makes Zimbra better. Mailspect has a more flexible email archive than Zimbra provides with their budget solution. Mailspect provides digital signatures, full-text cross mailbox searching, real-time archive with complete Postfix integration and batch IMAP import. Mailspect Defense is the perfect solution for multi-domain Zimbra hosters or any Zimbra customer that needs real spam protection as opposed to the clunky, light-weight solution that Zimbra includes. Mailspect has a complete quarantine system with multi-domain support, per-user and per-domain controls, multilayer antispam protection, many engine choices including Cloudmark, SURBL, SpamAssassin, Mailshell and more. Mailspect Connect will connect Zimbra email to, Google Documents or any web service. Automatically save email in, attachments in Google Docs, etc. At the core of all Mailspect products is our ESM technology. Email Stream Management sorts email into streams based on sender/recipient, email content or LDAP Directory. Once email is sorted into streams services are applied including content filtering, antispam, archive, attachment stripping, access lists and much much more. Mailspect is the most comprehensive Email Stream Manager available.

How to Integrate with Zimbra

Mailspect supports Postfix, the MTA of Zimbra, but this is not the only way to deploy Mailspect products with Zimbra. We recommend to consider the points below before deciding how to integrate Mailspect. There are a few points of integration that need to be considered and we will discuss each.

Integrating Mailspect for Email Archive

Mailspect Archive has three components. MPP Email Archive Evaluation Guide provides a more detailed discussion but the components are archive agent, archive processor and archive access.

For evaluations we highly recommend to use our Virtual Appliance as the processor. It is a VMWare OVF image and it is fully configured and easily setup. The processor is where email is indexed, saved, signed, etc.

The archive agent sends email to the processor. For real-time email processing there are two choices for agents. You can enable Postfix always_bcc and send email to an virtual appliance or you can install mppd on the Postfix server and it will serve as the archive agent. The advantage of using mppd as the archive agent is that you can be highly selective in what is sent to be archived with mppd. Using ESM we can selectively forward email to the Archive Processor based on email content, domain, email address, IP or Zimbra group. Mppd, the core daemon of Mailspect, has a special protocol to remotely store email on a central archive processor called Mailstore. We recommend to use Mailstore storage if mppd is used as the Archive Agent.

The Archive Access server is integrated with the archive processor on our virtual appliance and is access on port 20000 of the appliance. The Access Server can be distributed on other systems or run under Apache if desired.

Integrating Mailspect Defense for Zimbra Antispam

Any Zimbra hoster should consider Mailspect Defense over the sub-par antispam of Zimbra. Mailspect can be installed directly on the Zimbra server or can be installed as a gateway.

Mailspect Antispam Gateway for Zimbra

The simplest way to configure a Mailspect Defense email gateway for Zimbra is to start with the Mailspect Virtual Appliance. Alternately you can use our YUM or APT repositories but there is more setup work to do in this case. Once you have installed Mailspect on a gateway server simply configure SMTP relays in our GUI to get started. Mailspect can be an outbound proxy as well by defining the Zimbra server's IP in System-SMTP-Advanced on port 20001.

Address Verification with Zimbra Global Address List

When Mailspect Defense is configured as a gateway it is desirable to query the Zimbra GAL to validate an address. Mppd supports this with the feature called Access Lists. You will first need to define an LDAP server under System-LDAP on port 20001. Check Mailspect LDAP Support for details of LDAP setup but the trick is that BaseDN must be empty.

DN:uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra Bind password: Mail attribute: mail Custom filer dymamic/static: (mail=*)

Mailspect Policies and Zimbra GAL

Mailspect supports multiple service policies and membership in the policies can be stored in the Zimbra GAL. Suppose you are a service provider and you have an email archive service. Mailspect will have an email archive policy and by simply provisioning the GAL Mailspect will know to apply archive for the user or domain. This is a dynamic provisioning process and quite useful for Zimbra Hosting Providers.