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VmWare Mailspect Virtual Appliance


About MPP Virtual Appliance

The MPP virtual appliance provides antispam, email archive and content controls. The MPP Appliance can be used as an SMTP gateway, as is typical for antispam installations. For email archive the Virtual Appliance is typically used a receiver of SMTP journal reports for MTA's like Exchange or Postfix. The MPP virtual appliance can import existing email stored by Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or over 20 other email formats.

Hardware requirements for VMware host machine

CPU minimum Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz or equivalent RAM minimum minimum 512Mb / recommended 1Gb HDD free space: minimum 3Gb Networking: Ethernet card (for VMware bridged networking)

Software requirements for VMware host machine

Desktop virtualization products

OS: Windows / Linux VMware Player for Windows/Linux OS: MacOS X / Intel VMware Fusion for MacOS X

Server virtualization products

OS: Windows / Linux VMware Server for Windows/Linux

Network/environment requirements

Since the propose of appliance is to act as gateway (between real mailserver and firewall/NAT host/router), the following services should be available:

  • DNS server
  • Mail server providing SMTP service
  • Mail server providing IMAP / POP3 service
  • DHCP server - required if not using static network configuration


We strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox , however, IE and Safari are supported.


  • OS: Debian Linux 4.0 (Etch)

Start appliance

  • Download and install VMware player available from:
  • For VMware Player open MPP_appliance/vmimage_files/MPPDemo.vmx to start appliance.
  • For VMware Server register MPPDemo.vmx as new virtual machine and start VM

Configure appliance: mppappconf

  • After first boot, at login prompt use: user "root" and password "password", then run: /usr/local/sbin/mppappconf

This will guide you through the rest of setup: root password, timezone config, setup relay domains, setup MPP MySQL quarantine and/or MySQL archive along with new root password.


 Login: admin Password: raempp

Access to Email Archive and Spam Quarantine

 "admin" and password "raempp"

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