Mailspect Documentation
Quickstart Quarantine/Archive Setup

Setup MySQL databases and basic configuration settings

Create an empty database in MySQL and grant access to a user
Login to http://yourserver:20001   (admin/raempp is default)
Locate Setup Widgets in the main menu bar and run the appropriate widget to setup quarantine or archive.

Configure Quarantine/Archive Access

Login to http://yourserver:20000 as admin

Configure quarantine or archive access by defining authentication for the domain
Set a default domain, now all domains can use these settings
Only define admin or special users here, no need to define end-users in most cases
Define a domain admin - Set user type as quarantine domain admin, set domains they have permissions for
Change the admin password - In Users, select admin and change PW.
Setup->Sphinx Search
Install Sphinx and create content databases from here
Configure digest reminders, purge and statistics updates
Configure Statistics Updates