Mailspect Documentation
Translate Mailspect Manager

Mailspect Manager provides 2 applications:

  • Mailspect Control Panel
  • Mailspect Message Viewer

Control Panel application's directory is /usr/local/mppserver/apps/mpp-gui, while Message Viewer is located in /usr/local/mppserver/apps/quarantine.

NOTE: Please use UTF-8 editor and UTF-8 charset (i.e. vim). 
The examples are for Italian language (it). Please replace it with your language's 2 letter code.

1) Mailspect Control Panel

cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/mpp-gui/wwwdocs/lang/
# create LANG (i.e. “it” for Italian) file from “en” file
cp en it
# translate every string in the file i.e.

If new variables are added in further releases, that requires translation or other become obsolete, you can use the to compare it file with en file

cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/mpp-gui/wwwdocs/lang/
perl it

To translate tooltips:

# create tooltips files 
cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/mpp-gui/wwwdocs/
for file in $(find `pwd` -type f -and ! -iname '*.*'); do cp $file $ ; done
# translate variables in all *.it files created earlier

2) Mailspect Message Viewer

For Message Viewer we would have to create multiple "it" directories or files, then translate

cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/quarantine/templates/translate
cp en it
# translate all variables in it file
cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/quarantine/templates/mail
cp -r en it
# translate every variables from every file in "it" directory
cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/quarantine/templates/rss
cp en.tpl it.tpl
# translate it.tpl
cd /usr/local/mppserver/apps/quarantine/templates/tooltips
cp -r en it
# translate every variables from every file in "it" directory

Again use app to compare translation files


To enable translation in Message Viewer please visit as admin Setup->Module config and change the language variable from “en” to “LANG” (i.e. it).

For Control Panel, visit System -> Mailspect Control Panel -> General and change Language from “en” to “LANG” (i.e. it).

Files along with directory structure should be archived and sent to if you like your language to be in included in further releases of Mailspect Manager.