Mailspect Documentation
Quickstart Installation

1) Run your installer. After installation most files are in /usr/local/MPP, our daemon is called mppd

2) Run /usr/local/MPP/scripts/

Read MPP/docs/INSTALL.mailservers if you are using CGP.

3) Download and install latest MPP Manager:

tar -zxvf mppmanager.tar.gz cd mppmanager ./

Access the MPP admin GUI with a web browser on port 20001 and the spam quarantine and archive manager on port 20000.

  • In rare instances some perl modules may be required (DBI, GD and XML::Parser) if so, they should be installed from package managers such as Yum, apt-get, etc.
  • MPP Manager requires 2 system libraries libgd and expat which are included in most distributions. These should be installed using your OS's package manager, if needed expat can be downloaded from